Automated Creation of Google Drive Folders or something equivalent

I want to create a custom automation for one of my boards so that every time an item is created on one of the projects (on that board), then it will create a Google Drive folder.

I’ve been researching for hours but all are dead ends. Can someone help me? Do I need to get a paid app just to do this function/task?

Reason I am doing the above is because of familiarity with old workflows and Google drive is efficient as a storage and archiving tool.

Another question: is Google Drive even needed for this? Does has an equivalent feature which would allow us to store and archive current old jobs/project folders without worrying of running out of space and we will be able to access old job folders easily? In short, do I just need to create an Archive Board and Monday.Com will do Google Drives’ functions for me?

Thanks and looking forward to anyone’s reply.

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Hey there! With DriveSync integration, you can easily connect your board items and files to Google Drive.
Whenever you create a new item, DriveSync will automatically create a folder for it in Google Drive. Plus, it will make sure that the files from your items get copied into their respective Google Drive folders too. Super convenient!