Automated Inactivity Reminders/notifications

Hi Monday Community,

This is my first day on the platform so forgive me if I made any mistakes ;).

So what I want to do is create an Automated reminder (that sends to Slack) when there haven’t been any status updates in 2 weeks for the specific project.

I can’t really seem to figure out how to do this. I can only find notifications that are send when the status IS changed.

Hope you can help me out!


Welcome to the Community @PhilipvanRijk !

I have the perfect solution for you. First you will create a Status and a Date Column. I would then rename that date column to “Last Updated” to reflect the information that will be held in that column.

Next you will implement 2 automations. The first will change that date column based on any change in the Status column using this recipe:

The second automation will send the notification and that would look like this:

When choosing the “when” you can then choose time after the date has passed but clicking the bottom option.

Hope this helps!