Sending automated message to slack when a task is past a certain time

I was trying to figure a way to send an automated message to slack if a task is not Started or Completed by a specific DUE DATE. I’ll explain what i have done so far and why and maybe someone can figure out if i set this up wrong.
I use Monday to manage 10 daily tasks that repeat every day and are due at the same time. I have Monday set up to, to send automated messages to slack. I originally had the DUE date & time option(in one column), but when the task would automatically Repeat the next day, the DUE TIME would be off. So my solution was to make a Due Date separate from the due Time in different columns, and this worked great.
But now i cant figure out how to get get Monday to send a automated message if a TASK is not Started or Completed at the specific DUE TIME. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

Hey @johnk!

If you were to click into the “When” field in the integration recipe and customise the time the integration is triggered, would this help?

Let me know!