Automatically add form answers to a specific Group of Elements

My apologies if it was asked but I didn’t find it.
I have created 3 types of form to centralise request and 3 group of elements correspoding to these requests.

I would like for each form sbmission to automatically be assigned to the related group of elements → however I could not find where to do this in the automation as none of the conditions seems relevant.

Help would be very appreciated on this !

Many thanks in advance

Hi @marionmc :wave:

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If it fits within your form requirement I would add in a status/question to nominate the appropriate group (or info that determines this) and then standard automation on the board such as 'when item is created and only if status is group A then move item to group A.

Hope that is helpful - available to chat if you wanted to :slight_smile:
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This isn’t an automation, but is a form setting!

Assuming you’re using Workforms - the default monday forms engine you can do this in the customize tab when editing the form.