Can you create an automation to fire off that is connected to the answer on a form?

Hi! Trying to set up a form that once a certain answer is chosen I can create an automation that drops it into a grouping. Is that possible?

The scenario is that I have around 100 PT staff that submit their schedule every where. I set up a label that they can choose the week they are submitting for and then I set up an automation that set…when status is xyz move the item to xyz group. It isn’t working though. Can automation’s be set to fire off from Form answers?

Hi @Nicole5010 - yes this is possible. You would just need to create a series of automations to move the newly created item to the group associated with the status - similar to below:

Hope this helps!
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Hi thanks for your help! That is how I did it and it wouldn’t fire. It would only fire if I manually chose that status vs if the information came through as the status on the form.

Well, that’s strange? I tested that scenario, and it works exactly as expected moving the form requests on entry. I dont see any reason why this wouldnt work unless they arent picking the status in the form and there are other automations completing changes?

Hi there! Thanks so much for your help! I realized I had a piece of the “recipe” a little different than yours. I fixed it and it worked. THANK YOU!

Here’s another question for you. When someone fills out a form is there a way to automate that they get a copy of the form emailed to them?

Glad you got it working @Nicole5010. As for the copy of the form answers, you could setup a Gmail or Outlook integration to send the answers via email when an Item is created. You would just need to ensure they fill out their email address as part of the form.

Hope this helps!