Automatically select board connection

Is there any automation or integration that can do the following:


  • Two Boards, Board A and Board B
  • Board A has Task 1
  • Board B is Empty


  • When a new Task 2 is created on Board B and a connection established to Board A and Task 1, any subitems of Task 2 will automatically have the same connection as the parent without having to manually select Task 1 in its connection column.

Hello @Usernamegame !

To the best of my knowledge, this cannot be done with monday’s native capabilities as of now, but can certainly be done by using a platform like

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Hi @Usernamegame,

You can quickly achieve this with the VLOOKUP app.
With VLOOKUP, you can automatically link columns and sub-item columns from one board to the other, making data synchronization hassle-free: no more manual updates and lower chances of errors.

VLOOKUP ensures automatic updates of linked columns in both boards, whether adding new items or changing existing ones in your source board.

We’ve put together an article that shows you exactly how to use VLOOKUP.
And here’s another article to help you connect sub-items on multiple boards.

If you need any assistance with VLOOKUP, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated support team at Our team is always happy to help you with any queries or concerns.