Automatically set 'Next action date' based on next activity date

I’m trying to automatically set the date in a ‘Next action date’ column (which is a date column) to the date of the next activity.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance

Hey Patrick,

Is there any logic or duration specific to next activity date? For example, is it X amount of days after first activity date is set, etc? This will help us understand the best way to approach this - thanks :pray:

Hi Bianca,

Unfortunately not. The activities are always set by humans, whenever they think it makes sense to schedule a new activity (follow up, call, etc.)

Let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions.



Hello Patrick!

If there is no templated logic, we cannot really suggest something. If you did follow a specific workflow, this might be possible. In your case, I do not think think it is even feasible to implement something even when using monday’s API :slightly_frowning_face:

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

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Thanks for letting me know, Giannis. I thought the same, but wanted to check with others to make sure I’m not missing something.



Hey @patrick7 , there is a way to auto-create all the relevant sub-tasks via automation when a certain stage/status is changed of the main task.

Then if you define a loose date structure, let’s say T+2 on every activity, you would have a rough timeline for all the tasks with dates and assignees as well.

If the assignees would like to change the date, they should be able to do that manually.

Would that ease out your workflow?

Mmm I don’t think that would solve the use case of my client. Thanks for your suggestion, though!