Automating add description ID in Task Tab

We currently have to manually add in description identifiers(PS1,PS2 etc) into the description on the task tab, Do people know a way of using our ID column and the item ID to be able to add this automatically?

Not sure if there is a formula or an App that will Help?


hi @richpeers

It depends where the identifier comes from (the PS1, PS2… part). Is that available in some column in the item?

Hi @basdebruin no the identifier isn’t available in another column. Could we have in another board which could act as an input board?

hi @richpeers

I don’t think that is possible without some serious work in Make or developing an app.

Thanks i was looking at make.We are building our boards with Python and Excel its having the time to pull the data in this way

Was wondering if there was a short term solution before we did this or developed an app.

@richpeers Though I have not yet used this myself, I think this tool will do what you are asking

Add a dropdown column on your board that has options of PS1, PS2. Then you could create an automation "If dropdown changes and contains X, Y, Z, then [Column Magic - append suffix of “X, Y, Z”]

There’s also this auto-increment column plugin that may be useful

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Hi @MichaelHarris really appreciate the reply will download the app and try thanks

Hi @MichaelHarris really appreciate the reply

Will download the app and try thanks

@MichaelHarris That’s amazing the column magic and a dropdown work perfectly, thanks for recommendation watched loads of @JCorrell Youtube vidoes but didn’t see column magic. Il look at the Auto ID column one aswell, saved us so much time on our implementation and soul destroying data entry.Need to figure out a form to populate it aswell somehow

Yay I’m glad it worked! We are looking to implement something similar, but haven;’t gotten around to it yet :blush:

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