Automating group


I’m trying to set up an automation for the below logic. However, I’m stuck when it comes to automating the group. Would someone know if an automation can be set up for the below use case?

scenario: Once the status of a contact changes to something, create a new board from scratch and then {create the groups} within the new board with {group names}
I’m able to set up the automation to create a new board from scratch. However, I’m unable to set up automations for the group. Is this possible?


I have a board specifically for setting up new boards. I make a template that the new board will have, with the groups that I want to be shown in that template. Attached below is an example.

When Status changes to a different status, then create a board from template.

Hope this helps!

Whatever automations you have on the template board will be on all new boards created from the template.

I’ve worked on setting something similar. It worked. Thank you for sharing this across.