"Create Group" Automation

I’m trying to set up an automation for the below logic. I’m not sure the options exist in the automation options.

Scenario: When a new group is created in Board A, the same group name is created in Board B.

My goal is to have Board A and Board B always have matching groups but not matching items. Anyone have any ideas?

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Hi @meganmansfield :wave:

Sounds like setting up a template board with the desired groups might be suitable as a workaround. Happy to walk you through this on a call together or further discuss the requirements and help find the best approach if you’d find it helpful :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, I don’t believe that will work in this case.

  • Board A is grouped by clients, board A is organizing “project sites” [items].
  • Board B is grouped by client organizing approved “subcontractors” [items].

Board A is a Master List and would have groups added on a regular basis.
Goal: When a new group (Client) is added to Board A, the same group (client) would be automatically added to Board B.

Hope that helps explain things a little better!

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