Automation Builder is Too Narrow - need more than "and only if"

We have a board where if two column status’ are marked Done then the item gets moved to another group. The automation builder is limited so that when you add an aspect to the automation the only/automatic phrasing for the addition is “and only if”. This means that the status updates have to happen in a certain order for the automation to work.

We just want the item to move to a new group when both items are done, doesn’t matter which happens first. With having the automation as it is if the items get done in the atypical order, the automation won’t work. It would be great to just be able to have the automation say “When BOTH <column 1> and <column 2> statuses are both Done, move item to <group 2>.”

Hey @meghandurbin - you would just need to setup 2 automations to manage this:

When status1 is Done and only if status2 is Done move item to group2
When status2 is Done and only if status1 is Done move item to group2

The new Workflow builder will help with these scenarios as well.

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hi @mark.anley

Although I love the new Workflow builder I do not see how to du such a scenario with only one workflow. Unfortunately (as of today) the workflow builder does not support multiple triggers. Or am I missing something?

Hey @basdebruin - yes you are right. I think in my mind I thought it would work but on review it does not. Separate automations is the only way I suppose.

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hi @mark.anley

Until we can convince monday to support multiple triggers inside one workflow :slight_smile: