Automation (Custom) create new Item BUG

Is anyone else facing this issue? You can create a new CUSTOM automation to trigger the creation of a new item BUT you cannot then edit it the recipe. Also, when the automation is run, instead of creating a single new item it creates dozens of duplicates. Before, it was creating a single item but it would create a brand new label.
Is something going on with I have only been using it for the past couple of weeks but I have invested a lot of time and energy learning the system to build out for my client but I can’t rollout unstable software.
Are others seeing bugs like this?

so… my Monday board now has hundreds of duplicate items being created from some BUG loop! Perhaps should focus less on advertising and more on software development / testing?

hi @richardp

Welcome to the community! This community can’t solve bugs (if there are any) but the community certainly can help you finding out what you might be doing wrong. For that we need to know a much detail as possible. What is the custom automation you are using? Are there other automations present on your board, Are there app installed in you board…etc?

From this brief post it looks like you have build a loop into your automations. Something like this is indeed looping


You get what you ask for :slight_smile:

So when status change to “A” create an item and set its status to “A”. That is indeed a loop as the new item set its status to “A” that will trigger the a new item creation…and so on. Can you set the status for the new item to something else (something that does not trigger the new item creation)?

OK I understand. It is unfortunate that there is no opportunity to add further specificity.

Do you know why I can’t edit the customer automation? There is no ability to delete or add.

Also, I understand the infinite loop issue but I thought I was “creating” an item as opposed to “modify” so I thought that it would not loop as the original writes to the DB would not be interpreted as modifications. None the less, my original issue was my inability to modify ie. add or delete parts of my custom automation. I was able to do this a few days.
Thanks for your help.

Can’t you click on the underline word “Item”? If not: are you the owner of the automation?

Yes, I can click on the underlined objects within the recipe but I am sure that I was previously able to add (plus icon) new parts to the recipe or delete parts within edit mode. I believe this is functionality available for Custom automations.
Otherwise you would have to delete your custom recipe and start over if you need to add to it. For instance Add a notification or something. I understand that this functionality does not exist with the pre-built recipes.

That is a request that can be found somewhere in the community. It is not possible to add / delete triggers or actions on an existing custom recipe. The + sign is only available on initial build.

OK Thanks - I thought it was there before but I guess I am mistaken. It really should be added though - we usually only realize what we are missing after something has been created :wink:

@richardp I unfortunately feel your pain immensely. We have been on Monday since June 2020 and all of a sudden our automations are starting to duplicate items and it’s so random. So it is hard to pin point. It’s frustrating and makes absolutely no sense. There is obviously something changing in the background.

This was posted back in March, so you may have already worked this out, but for anyone else with this issue: If you duplicate (instead of editing) the automation, you are returned to the full edit mode with +/- options. You’ll then need to delete the original. A little clunky, and you’ll be losing your activity log, but it works.