Automation for assing person in board and in subitem as well

Is it possible to assign manually a person and create an automation that assigns same person on sub-tasks?
Use case : we have a template with several sub-task and we need to assign this to a single person but takes so much time assign individually each sub-task.

Hey @Crazybeep there isn’t a default or custom automation that can update the subitem assignee when the item is assigned.

1 possible workaround is if you connected the subitem to its parent item in your template using the ‘connect’ boards column and then mirror the ‘person’ column on the subitem (see attached screenshot). This will show the assigned user on the subitem automatically once the item is assigned.
The problem with this solution though is that doesn’t register as a true ‘assignment’ so the my week widget doesn’t pick up the subitem as being assigned. (just the main item). Definitely a downside to doing it that way, but not sure how important or needed that is for your team.

Another quick ‘manual’ way to assign all the subitems is to select all the subitems and assign 1 time to the user. See quick recording on how to do this quickly: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software
*note that you hold down the ‘Shift’ key to select all the subitems between the first and last.

Hope that helps!

Hey Tim Little

Thanks a lot for your help but there is a need for true assignment so do you think there is a chance it will be on the road map?

Right, understood. looking at the subitems roadmap there is a note that ‘more subitem automations’ are coming: Subitems Product Plan

but I haven’t seen this particular request before.
If it really is something that is needed sooner than later you could set up a zapier/integromat scenario to handle this.