How to assign someone from a people column to a subitem using the automation

Hi everyone! Newbie here posting for the first time. I am hoping there may be a quicker solution to a problem.
We have a high level board were 6 main people work out of. Every item that comes into the board is assigned to one of these 6 people. Every item also has several subitems which I am creating but I would like to assign the subitems to the person assigned to the parent item but it won’t let me chose a person based on a people column.
So as of right now… I am having to create the same automation 6 times with the following recipe (e.g. If status is ____ and person assigned to “people column” is ___ then create subitem) so that when the subitem populates it shows up in their calendar view.

Any ideas?

I dont think you can with the current automations. We had to change a couple of boards so rather than adding the person to the ITEM, add the person to the SUBITEM and use the Show on Parent option on the column to show it on the ITEM.
This way works, and if you set different people on differenet subitems they will all show.
If you need, set an automation “when an item is created, create a subitem” to force at leat 1 subitem.

Actually, it would be solved if Monday added the option for “default values” for subitems, and had the ability to choose k item columns as the default… maybe oneday!

This would be a great feature to have, 100% agree.

Hi there!

There is actually a door #3 option!

What you could do is based on a certain criteria in the item when it is created or changed, you could create a custom automation that adds the 6 subitems and then if that is consistent in the subitem created, you can assign the person. Kinda kills two birds with one stone also by creating the subitems also!

We actually set everything up just like you mentioned… we ended up creating way too many automations which then created a lot of problems. We literally ended up with over 250 automations on one board. We about 40-60 subitem tasks and all of them go to one of 5 people depending on a person assigned to one of the main items column’s. For now… we are going in and assigning all of the subitem tasks ourselves. It’s a pain but at least we don’t have all the other issues we were having.

If you have a set number of people that do set numbers of tasks on a fairly consistent basis, you could also use subitem templates. It picks up the subitem name and people column (you also have the choice to choose a status and date, but the date is stagnant so I would refrain from using that one).

For more information on the Subitem Template, click on an item in your board, click the plus button in the top right of the item view and add Subitem Template.

Hope this helps!