Automation for conversion of Subitems into Items and vice versa, or automation to create subitems on a separate item when triggers occur.

Short and sweet description for this one. I would love if it were possible for an automation (pre-baked or custom recipe capable) to allow the conversion of a subitem into a new item, with the ability to set which fields would be transferred over, similar to when having automation move an item, or to convert an Item into a Subitem.
At the moment my only recipe options that are remotely similar are:

  • Subitem > Item
    • Various ‘Create Item’ iterations but then no means of removing the original subitem
  • Item > Subitem
    • Ability to create a Subitem only on the item in question, and not on another designated item.

Admittedly, the use case is tied to workaround attempts to roll up data for a burndown, but essentially is from syncing data from another board by creating a new item whenever various dates are updated in the first board, and then wanting to roll each of those items up as subitems in another item within the second board marked for the week (i.e. a weekly count of changes). I have created a monstrosity board of automations to get something like it to occur, but am shut down at this stage for it to be manual only, as I can’t automatically turn items into subitems to attach to another item (or just create subitems on another item when items in another board/group are created/udpated).

Hey @EMorton

We developed an app called subitem automations that provides robust automation capabilities to subitems. It also includes the ability to convert subitems to items and vice versa here’s an example.

Convert subitem to item →

Convert item to subitem →

You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here - Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!