Is there a way to automatically convert a subitem to an item in a different group after a stage changes to a specific value?

See title.

Once a sub-item’s stage changes to “Closed” for example, I would like to automatically convert it to an item and move it to a different board. Is there a way to do this directly or indirectly?

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there are no recipes that allow you to convert automatically. Perhaps setting an automation for a notification “when the status is changed to ready to be converted” you can manually conver the subitem to a main item. I would then create an automation for "when an item status changes from ready to convert to … (whatever you choose), move item to board… (whatever you choose).
this would eliminate 1/2 steps.

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Thanks! I think ultimately we are going to have to convert all of our subitems into items and re-work from there. We are still early in our Monday usage and development so it’s not too complicated to execute now.

+1 would also like an automation where subitems can be converted to items and moved to a different group/board