Automation recipe to create group in different workspace/board, when all items in group are completed in initial board

My team would need an option where in one Working space and its board, whenever a new group is made, to automatically same one gets created in other Workspace and it certain board. This would be very helpful and it will cut our working time on this.

Hey @milica8,

Just to clarify, you like to be able to create groups across different boards through an automation? I.e.

“When group is created in board A, create group in board B”

Let me know :slight_smile:

Hey @BiancaT ,

So I am looking for something like this:
I have certain board with groups in it. And once the group is marked done, I need an automation to recognize that and create the same on (or similar, depending on the settings) in other workspace/board. I have contacted the support, and they told me such an action is not an option yet, but I think that this would save a lot of time for Project Managers.

Got it - thank you for clarifying!

So a recipe such as?

“When all items in group are complete, create group in different workspace/board”

Feel free to adjust the recipe as you see fit :arrow_double_up:

If this is along the lines of what you’re after, are you happy for me to make a slight edit to the topic title, just to ensure our community members easily understand the subject and can cast their vote?

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Correct. That would be it. Of course you can change it. Thank you!

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Would love to know if this recipe was ever created?

Hey Matt,

I am afraid not at this stage - I have shared this with our internal automations team and will update if we have plans to develop this in the future!