Automation to Duplicate Board at the end of the weekday and archive that duplicated board

Hi, I have gone through most of the automations as well as tried to create a custom one, but it doesn’t seem to have the features I am after.
We have an ongoing board where items are added, moved from and changed daily. I would like to take a snap shot of this board (without having to do it manually) and archiving that ‘snap shot’. My thought for the automation would be…

Every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 6pm, Duplicate this board, and Archive the Duplicate.
I can appreciate that the last part would be hard as the automation would need to also be on the duplicated board.
So, is there something similar or a workaround to make this situation work.
Its basically to safeguard ourselves should someone accidentally delete the board or items without knowing. In most instances we discover this has happened at a later date.

Hi @SarahHK this is a good question! You could use a 3rd-party integrator like Zapier to export the board to excel and archive the board. But if you didn’t want to use a 3rd-party integrator, you’d need a work-around. If you want to hop on a Zoom call with me to look at it so I can make some suggestions or show you the Zapier integration, here’s my calendar.