Automation triggers

  1. Can we make an automation with “or” condition?
    e.g. An item is created, or an updated is created, do somthing.

  2. Can we trigger an automation by specific user’s activity?
    e.g. When “an assigned user” updated an item, change a status to something.

Hey @Rran !

Both of those features are available, just not exactly as you have it laid out.

  1. a substitute for the “or” condition is to just make multiple automations resulting in the same action, but with different triggers. I would definitely like an “or” function, but for now multiple automations does the trick for me.

  2. This is possible when creating a custom automation. You’ll do this by using an “and” statement, ie. “When status is something and person is someone, do xyz

Hope this helps, let me know if you have another question!