Autonumber and keep it static on items added to a board, moving between groups

Is there a way to use the Auto-number feature and keep that number static on items added to a board, where you can then move the items between groups (in that same board), where the number doesn’t change?
Group A Section:
Item Auto-Number
abc 12
def 13
ghi 14

Group B Section:
Item Auto-Number
jkl 15
mno 16
pqr 17

Now I want to move an item from Group A Section with auto-number 14, into Group B Section and keep that auto-number 14 on that item.
Seems that when I move that item, will re-number it to 18 (i.e. the auto-number following the item above it).

Hi @MaryValentine how aré you. Because the autoid native column doesnt Solve your needs there Is an app developed by @basdebruin that it does.

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Hi @MaryValentine The marketplace link to this app is at Log In ‹ Excellent Team — WordPress

You can also browse to our webstore to get detailed information about this app.