Backup/Sync to Google Sheets

Dear Monday Community,

Is there a need for a simple & robust backup solution for

My company has built an easy & secure backup solution for that syncs their data to a readable format in Google Drive. This transparent approach has received lots of praise from the Podio community and we’re keen to do the same for

Our users use our backup tool for 3 main reasons:

  • Extra level of disaster recovery
  • Extra restoration capabilities (>30 days)
  • Business continuity during service outages

We believe that an independent backup solution would add extra value beyond to what the platform already does.

I’m curious to hear what you think? :slight_smile:

Any feedback is much appreciated!

Hi @willemdewulf! Thanks for sharing this insight - currently we only support the google sheets import but not a live sync however we are considering this in the future. For now you can use Zapier and our API to do this. Here’s a bit more information:

I’d be happy to be sure our product team understands this need when considering the google sheets live sync in the future!


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Hi @lauraglev, thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

To clarify a bit my proposal/question:

We’ve learned from the Podio community that a backup solution needs to be simple and quick to set up. I personally love Zapier and work with it myself, but for a lot of our clients Zapier is too technical. The onboarding set up of our backup app is extremely simple and let the user set up their backup in less than a minute.

Secondly, our backup would not only sync the projects data to Google Sheets, but it would also back up data such as updates, comments & files…

The main benefit for the user is to provide a redundant & independent backup, because after all… using a cloud platform like Monday to manage your business-critical information can be scary.

I hope this extra info was helpful?