Bar chart with percentage

Is it possible to configure a bar chart to show values in %? I don’t have this option in the bar chart, only item count or sum of number columns.

Is it possible to set up a formula that returns values in percent so that I can use it in my bar chart?

The chart I need is of estimated time (Y axis) by category (X axis), where:
Estimated time: Numbers column
Category: Labels column

Hi Camilla, currently, the bar chart feature does not support displaying numerical data as a percentage. While using a formula to achieve this seems like a good idea, formulas calculate horizontally in a table and not vertically, so it wouldn’t be able to perform this type of calculation.

In the meantime, you could use a Battery Widget or a Pie Chart, as these features do support showing this type of data as a percentage.

Use the 100% bar chart, that works well and will display your numbers as a percentage of the whole. if that gives you what you need.