Base url to access monday api's

Hi All,

I am trying to create an app where I am providing an instance url of ec2 with server IP address without SSL certification.

Just wanted to know can we access monday api’s with the help of a base url which is not SSL certified?

If yes, Then I am facing a mess here as I am unable to receive a monday api token (‘shortlivedtoken’) which I was comfortably getting in case of local tunnel (Due to local tunnel’s performance, as it keeps getting crashed every now and then, we want to switch on a permanent end point mechanism.)


Aquib Zafar

@basdebruin @dipro , Can you guys help me out with this?

hi @aquibk

I believe (almost sure) that all endpoints from your app should have SSL certification, hence the base URL has to start with https://

Remember sensitive data (token, boardId, accountId etc) is transferred over this connection.

@basdebruin ,

Well till now, I have been using local tunnel but due to some issue of local tunnel, my app gets crashed very uncertainly, some time it works fine for 10 days and then crashed.

So to overcome this, since my app is hosted on AWS ec2 instance, I thought of running application and provide the instance url as base url in monday app config because i do not have any domain name as of now.

The url is something like http//

Is it mandatory to be https// to get the token from to access those apis.

hi @aquibk

I thought it was mandatory from the beginning, but if you were successful with an insecure connections I guess monday accepts that. Also: keep in mins monday has some new public IP addresses, could that be the issue?

Hi @basdebruin ,

This is the first time i am using this insecure url, till now i relied on local tunnel.

This time i have to deploy it on server.

I dont think so that it is because of monday IP has been changed because on the very same application even on server if i use local tunnel, I get the token.

In that case I really think it should be a secure connection.

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Will try with the secure as well and come back.

Thank you.


Aquib Zafar

@aquibk since youre on aws, have you considered using API Gateway in front of the EC2 instance?

@codyfrisch , Can you please elaborate a bit?

Though my above problem was solved after providing the SSL domain based url.

AWS API Gateway is an AWS edge service where you can define the URL, paths, etc. and have it route. Think like Express but its offloaded from your app. Esp. useful if you’re working with AWS Lambda.

AWS API Gateway Documentation