API - Fetching Formula Values and Handling Heavy Payloads

Many developers are looking for a way to fetch formulas values from Monday boards.
Right now, because Monday are rendering the values on the client side, it cannot be fetched using Monday’s native solutions and API.

For that issue I’ve created an API endpoint that fetches the values and handling massive payloads for boards with over 2000 items.

Here’s a quick guide on how to send a POST request:

Hi @Yoggie

Do I understand correctly that you are sending (or actually receiving) the monday token as an unencrypted string? If that is the case I hope monday finds a way to block this as it sounds very unsecure to me. Please explain in depth how you handle security and privacy.

Hi @basdebruin !
You understood it wrongly :slight_smile:

Will send you more details if you want. I’m sorry you got upset over this, I know you tried doing something like that with your own clients and it didn’t work.

Hi @Yoggie

I am not upset at all! Just worried. From the web link you provided it shows that the token is expected as a string. Therefore I am worried about the security and privacy.

I did never try to do something like this (for reasons of security and privacy) and only use encrypted shortLivedToken is my apps, so that I never need to store a user’s token.

Yeah but @basdebruin - Why would you assume this app isn’t using a sortLivedToken?

Think of it as any other wrapper, you just need to add a valid token for the request.
Thanks for your suggestions though, I appreciate the help trying to solve this.

I know you’re a developer so you’re probably not going to use this, others do though as it solves tons of integration problems.