Battery widget legend is empty

I have a Dashboard with a Battery widget of a Status Mirror that is connected to Subitem Status from by boards.

The Battery is calculating % of each sub-item status correctly, and showing the colors of my sub-item status correctly.

The issue I have is the legend of the status colors all show ‘empty’ instead of the status ‘name’.

Hey @Regan! Just to confirm, the mirrored status column you have selected in your battery widget is a summary mirror column from the subitems in one of your boards? If this is the case this seems a little strange as I have not encountered this behaviour on my end! If you duplicate the widget / set up a new widget / test this in a new dashboard, does this same behaviour persist? If so, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via in-case our technical specialists need to investigate :pray:

Here’s how it’s setup.

Operations_Board with Items and Subitems. I show the ‘Summary of Status column from subitems’ on the parent Item. (dashboarding in a battery widget at this point works correctly)

I have the Parent Items from the Operations_Board connected to Goals_Board SubItems. (1 to 1 relation)

On the Goals_Board Subitem I mirror in the Summary Subitem Status from the Parent Items of the Operations_Board.

On the Goals_Board Parent item I show the ‘Summary of Status column from subitems’ on the parent Item.

In the Battery Widget there are 2 “Status” Column options:

  1. ‘Subitems Status Mirror’ - from the Parent Items of the Goals_Board
  2. ‘Status Mirror’ - from the the Subitems of the Goals_Board

Both calculate correctly, but neither show the legend correctly.