Battery widget not displaying mirrored status column


In master board we have mirrored column of overall status connected from individual employee’s board to track their progress on tasks (all tasks connected as well). Progress is reflecting correctly but when we try to add Battery widget in master board and filter on specific person, even with mirror column selected it’s showing 0% progress.

What baffles me more is - it was working fine some time ago but suddenly turned 0% on everyone.

Is there something I’m doing wrong?


Hey @kylechlopcik!

Sorry to hear you’re running into some roadblocks here with your battery widget. I have tested this on my end with a mirrored column in a master board and been able to successfully view data in the battery widget. Would you be able to confirm how many levels this column is being mirrored across? Fo example, are you simply pulling a status column from each of those individual boards into the master board or are you mirroring into other boards too? This might help us get to the bottom of this behaviour :pray:

Hi @BiancaT,

It’s a first scenario you mentioned - progress is mirrored from individual board to master board only.

Tried deleting it completely and started from a scratch. Still doesn’t work as it should.

Hi @kylechlopcik, thank you for confirming this for me. Because I am unable to reproduce this, I’d recommend reaching out to with this information so that our technical team can investigate. Please include any screenshots or a screen-recording demonstrating the issue you’re experiencing to help get this resolved as soon as possible :pray: