Filtering the Battery Widget on a Board Dashboard

Hey everyone! Probably a newbie question here:
Has anyone had an issue with filtering the Battery Widget to only show certain Status(es) of the column it’s being applied to?

On a board dashboard I’d like to only see the battery widget limited to three of the six Status in the column it’s referencing, so I’ve filtered the widget on my dashboard to the three options.
What occurs next is that in full screen mode it shows the filter is properly applied, but on the dashboard it shows all options and when I hover over the filter it just says “filter the widget by everything”.

I’ve refreshed the dashboard, but no luck.

Can anyone lend me a hand? Thanks!

Nico hi, I’m having issues receiving a response from your team regarding a (in-house) widget, could you please advice how I should proceed?


Hey @DBCC, thanks for posting about this and welcome to the community!

To clarify, did you filter, and then click “Save to this widget”? That should do the trick to save the filter you’ve applied to the Battery Widget:

If it doesn’t, I would recommend writing to us at so we can give you more dedicated support there. :slight_smile:

Hi Talia (,

The widget is saved with the required status and I’m still obtaining all status on the dashboard view.
I’ll write an email to the support inbox you’re mentioning referencing this thread.

Thanks anyways.

Hi Nico! @DBCC

Thanks for the response. That sounds like a good plan, and if you send over screenshots or a short screen recording of the steps you’re taking to set up the widget and then the filter not saving (you can use the tool for free and send us a link), that will be really helpful :slight_smile:

All best,

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