Widgets for an entire workspace

the “battery” widget seems to be pretty cool and works well : i can quickly and clearly see my "to do " flags for a board
BUT ! i’d like to know if it is possible to find a widget like this for multiple boards, like for an entire workspace…this battery widget seems to work only by clicking on a single board …

Hey @espmenuiserie, thanks for posting, and welcome to the community!

I’m glad to hear you’re liking the battery widget so far :slight_smile:

At the moment there’s no way to add all boards from a workspace to a dashboard at once—you’d have to add each board to your dashboard individually. Does that make sense?

All right… does it mean like… for example…
I have 12 boards, I must have 12 battery widgets to rule them all?
Could be an interesting feature to add??
So everytime I open my dashboard I can see my “to do flags” or stuck flags…

All right.
Just found my answer… I can add multiple boards to a dashboard but not in basic plan… i guess widgets are the same ?

It would be really helpful if we could select a Workspace as the setting for a dashboard. At the moment, we create new boards quite regularly, and we have to manually add them to dashboards. We forget. If the dashboard was applied to an entire workspace, we would not have to worry; they would get automatically added.


Hey @TheOtherPM! Thanks for posting and I like the idea of adding an entire workspace at once to a dashboard and having new boards in that dashboard added automatically. I would recommend adding this as a feature request here: Feature requests/feedback - monday Community.