Subitem status summary from mirrored subitems

I currently have a summary board that we use to feed in information from a few departments that are all currently working on the same parts. When each department changes an item’s status on the main line item on their respective dept’s board, that status is mirrored as a subitem representing the department status on the summary board for that corresponding part number. I then have a column on the summary board that is to mirror subitem status that way we can see without opening subitems if an item has been flagged as an issue. Not until this week, we have had full visibility of this summary column, but now it is blank all the way down the entire sheet. I have tried deleting and re-doing the summary column to no avail. The summary column on all the other department boards still work for their subitem statuses, but not on our summary board. Was there a recent patch that prevents mirrored subitem status from being visible in a summary column?

Hey justin,

Sorry you’re having issues here! This does sound a little strange given up until this week things were working successfully.

Can I ask you to try recreate this behaviour in an incognito window? I want to rule out any caching issues that might be getting in the way here. We can go from there :pray: