Benefits of hiring a specialist?

Are you considering getting external help with
Are you unsure how to go about the process?
Are you curious as to how you choose the right specialist?
Are you worried about the time and cost?
Are you interested to hear more about the power of Integromat?

If any of the above questions feels relevant to you, we suggest you join our upcoming webinar on June 2.

The webinar is hosted by Omnitas Consulting and moderated by representative @Matias where we together with a live client will focusing on the power of using qualified help with and Integromat.

In this webinar, we will discuss the decision process leading up to working with external partners to develop optimized products as well as the collaboration to create innovative solutions that save both time and money.

Together with the awesome team from MyEllevate, Omnitas consulting built a complete automated workflow - in only 25 hours. All thanks to and the integrations made possible by Integromat.

We are fortunate to announce that Dawn from MyEllevate will be with us at the webinar and talk about their new Work OS, and give us an insight into how has streamlined their organization. I will also join in to explain the building process- specific challenges, the custom solutions and the results. The session will be hosted and moderated by @Matias, channel partner manager at

You don’t want to miss this! :star_struck:

Link to recording:


A great topic for sure! Thanks for putting this on.


Thanks @Thomas-Omnitas - this is fantastic. Looking forward to it!


Still room for more participants! I am sure it will be informational and help you decide if you want to work with a specialist going forward.

Hi Thomas,

Missed this! Do you have a video recording?

Hey @Adriaan!

We just finished the upload. Was going to update here.
Please follow this link to view the full webinar: The perks os working with a dedicated partner in - YouTube

We will be cutting a 10-15 min short version as well.

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great suggestion and we could 100% use this,
what are the next steps and cost?

Hey @NickAvalos!
Glad you like it :heavy_heart_exclamation:

The next step is to book an initial exploratory meeting with @FredrikEricson where you will talk about your needs and what you are trying to achieve. We will also try and present an idea about costs in relations to your budget. You can book a time with him through this Calendly link.

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Done and done

Thank you