I just want someone to make it easy for me!

Not sure where to start? Figuring out how to get your unique workflow and processes into a harmonised and optimised state isn’t always as easy as the platform itself. Sometimes, we just reach a point where we are putting additional hours into monday.com instead of it saving us time, which was half the point in the first place.

Whether it’s a simple single focus workflow or a multi-team matrix of magnificence, Easy Mondays will work closely with you to ensure you’re driving maximum platform efficiency and getting as much time back as possible, while improving processes and increasing productivity.

At Easy Mondays, it’s our mission to provide monday.com users with optimal efficiency and client focused professional services. We offer:

  • Professional Services supporting monday.com users
  • Skilled and experienced assistance in custom workflow design and automation
  • Friendly and professional team, aiding all monday.com users great and small
  • Training Packages
  • Consultancy Packages
  • Ongoing Support Packages
  • Ready-made Solutions
  • Custom workflow design and implementation - full solution
  • Consultancy Sessions - single instance
  • 3rd party integration assistance
  • Get the most out of the platform
  • Set up automatic notifications
  • Get a high level overview of everything
  • Optimise dashboard reporting

Limited time only

From now until January 1st 2023, as an introductory offer, all Easy Mondays products and services are subject to a 25% discount.

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