Streamlining Project Management on with Calendly, MS Teams, and

Hello! We’ve developed a simple and efficient way to streamline project management by integrating, Make, Calendly, and Microsoft Teams. 🚀. This orchestration of resources ensures that every step of the project lifecycle is meticulously handled and communicated, resulting in an organized and efficient process. Here’s a breakdown of how this cohesive system works:

1. Project Initiation:

  • Clients initiate projects by booking meetings through Calendly.

  •, your automation ally, checks if the client already exists in the client board on

  • If the client is not found, creates a new client entry and sets up the project and its requirements in the “Deal Tracker” board by the help of

2. Project Assignment:

  • Once a project lands in the “Deal Tracker” board,’s automation takes the stage.

  • If no owner takes responsibility within a specified timeframe, the system sends a timely notification to the Microsoft team group after 3 hours.

3. Project Assignment by Owner:

  • An appointed owner scrutinizes the project details and assigns it to a capable developer.

  • If a project’s status remains “Working On It” for over 3 days, the system issues a reminder to the owner in Microsoft teams, urging them to follow up with the developer.

4. Project Completion:

  • As the developer wraps up the project, they mark its status as “Done” in the “Deal Tracker” board.

5. Project Delivery:

  • Successfully completed projects are moved to the “Delivered” group within the “Deal Tracker” board, indicating their readiness for client delivery.

6. Notifications:

  • Throughout this meticulously structured process, notifications play a vital role. Relevant parties are consistently informed via Microsoft Teams, ensuring that everyone remains up to date and projects are managed effectively

This workflow showcases your dedication to efficiency and organization. It ensures smooth project handling from start to finish. With the combined power of,, and Microsoft Teams, it offers intelligent automation and precise tracking. This empowers your team to manage multiple projects with confidence, fostering accountability and clear communication. 🚀

Let me know if you need any help.

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