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Managing multiple tasks and ensuring they all align with your provided timeline used to be a challenging high-wire act. But now, I’ve discovered a game-changing way to streamline the process. Here’s how I’m achieving project deadline success, by integrating with Make!

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Can you give a deeper dive on this feature? I see a great use case for my team but need to understand the components better.

Of course! I’d be happy to provide a deeper dive into this feature. Essentially, what we’ve set up is an integration between and Make to automate the management of task deadlines. Here’s a breakdown of the key components:

  1. Integration: We’ve integrated with Make to enable seamless communication and data exchange between the two platforms.

  2. Trigger: We’ve established a trigger that initiates when a start date is entered in This trigger serves as the starting point for our automation process.

  3. Workday Calculator: Our custom app workday calculator is a powerful tool that calculates the number of workdays based on the start date and the project’s timeline. It can be customized to exclude weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and account for public holidays.

  4. Updating the Monday Board: When you trigger the process by setting the start date, the Monday board is automatically updated with the calculated deadline.

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