Better dependencies experience

We love dependencies, and it really helps our projects flow. However, as our boards are quite busy, it’s making the finding and ticking the right dependencies quite hard. At the moment you need to scroll to find the right group and then the right item.

In the search bar, you can only search for an item and not a group. Is there a way we can either filter/ search by group to make the navigation experience better?

I couldn’t find anything about this, but please direct me elsewhere if there’s already a discussion about this :smile:

Hey @Mariolsen ,

It is true that the search bar currently does not search for groups.

What you could do is:

  1. For each group you have add a status column with the group’s name. That way all items with that status will appear when you use the search bar. You could even automate this process using this automation:


2.Use the filter to filter by group and create corresponding new views if you want.

Let me know if this helps!

-Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Hi Giannis,

Thanks so much for your reply and we’ll certainly explore this option. Would you then filter the board to that status before you set the dependencies?

I just tried to set up a filtered view, but the dependencies search box still brings up the whole board and the content in the order of what it is in the Main Table.

I suppose we could make sure the group we’re setting dependencies within is moved to the top of the board instead, and we don’t have to scroll through the rest of it.

Thanks again!


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