Subitems dependecies


We are a international company and we need to alocate a lot of workers to different job clientes, and for that we use a lot of subitems and dependencies.

We are having a problem, because we have a lot of subitems and every subitem of each group is connected with dependecies, but every time we try to add a dependecy to a subitem i need to search for hundreds of subitems to reach the one i want.

Is this something you can help with?

Thank you.

This is an issue for me too. Many of our tasks have identically named subitems and to pick the right one from the list is almost impossible. It would be great to have a filter on that list to specify sub-items from the relevant item, or all sub-items from the board, or a way of just setting the default so the filter occurred automatically.

Agree! I have the same issue with subitems having the same naming across several groups and now I can’t use subitem dependencies.