Save time with improved navigation from "Search Everything"

When using “Search Everything”, save time by allowing “+ Add Item” to a board from the “Search Everything” page. And/or when using “Search Everything”, improve navigation by going directly to the chosen group or item by clicking on it. (Currently, the only option is to go to the board even if you click on the group - this is clunky and nearly useless when going to a large board).

How our team uses this: We have large boards with many groups in the board. Each board is a client category/service level. Each group within the board is a specific client. The items in each group are the services/actions we are performing for that client. When a new service/action is required for the client, it’s easiest to do a “search everything” to find the client. However, when we find them, the only option is to go to the board they are on, then we have to find them again on that board. It would save a lot of time to be able to go directly to that client (group) or service/action (item) and/or to be able to add a new service/action (item) directly from the search everything board.