"Search everything" functionality

I might be alone in this, but I get stuck with some stuff using the global search. Maybe these are simple things I don’t understand, so perhaps someone can help?

  • Every time I search something, I have to manually highlight and delete my previous search. This seems cumbersome. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
  • Once I’ve found something, I can find no way to open that item. I can open the updates by clicking on it, but how do I get to it in the board it’s in, so I can see all the information?
  • The search often ‘hangs’ on my side, that I have to refresh the browser tab. Does anyone else have this?

Hey @reinhardts, good questions about the Search Everything/global search functionality! I’d be happy to help.

  • You can highlight and delete your previous search, or simply delete it. If you click into the search field, it will not automatically replace what you’ve already typed.

  • You can click on the board name or group name of the item, and that will take you to the board the item lives in, so that you can see all of the information.

  • This may be a bug. I would recommend trying this out in incognito mode or clearing your cache, and if this doesn’t solve the issue of the search “hanging” on the side, I would recommend writing to us at support@monday.com to get some more support on this.

Hi there,
Thanks for the responses.

I understand how I can delete the previous search, but I find that a strange usability. Maybe I’m the only one, but I was wondering whether others have the same.

Regarding linking to the board, I managed to do that, but it seems that it only links to the board itself. I still have to manually look for the right item on the board, which is quite a lot of effort, in essence requiring 2 searches. Once in “everything” to find what board it’s on, and then in the board itself to find the item. Would be great if there’s a way around this.

I’ll try and replicate the issue with the hanging, and if I can pin it down I’ll contact support, thanks!