Search uselss, since you cant actually go to anything in the resuls

The search function is completely useless, since you cant actually GO to any of the items that is listed in the results.
How the actual F is this supposed to be used?
There is literally noting to click that takes you the things in the result.

HOW do I submit an error report , or ask anything here?
I have to select …something from a mile long list with random names where nothing has anything to do with what I’m posting about.
I selected the first, since I don’t have all day.

This site is so ridiculously broken.

Hi @mats.svensson!

You should be able to expand the item in the search everything page, and view all related data - as show in my recording below:

Am I correct in understanding you’d instead like to be directed to the item in the specific board?

As for an error report, if you’re experiencing performance issues, please reach out to so our experienced technical specialists can investigate. As for your feedback about the forum, we hear you and want to assure you that we are currently in the process of revamping and simplifying the platform. Please stay tuned :pray:

How do I get from the thing that pops up in the video, to the actual page for the item?
I have no idea what to do with whatever that popup is.

If the search finds , say 10 items, why cant i just get 10 links to those 10 items so I can go directly to them, bookmark them, use them, etc…

Like the way every search engine ever works.

And I mean real links, A-tags.
Not some div with an onclick, so you cant open in new tab or anything.

I hear where you’re coming from here and have followed up with our product team for more information on the process here. I certainly recognise that the ideal process would be to be taken directly to the item in board so have included this feedback in my reach out. I will circle back here once I get a reply :pray:

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I saw this was checked as “solution”.
When I clicked that checked checkbox, apparently THAT selected it as “solved”!
Now it is extra special -selected and can’t be unchecked.

Have you people never ever used any other website or any other web form?

When you click on the item to open the item card modal, just click on the icon in top right displayed in screenshot. Like most other links you can hold control to open in new tab.

The “add to conversation”-icon?!
THAT’S how you go to the item?

W H Y ?!

And also that’s not a link, its a div with some hacky-ass JS that tries to emulate a link.

Why on earth would you go that far to hide the way to get to the item?

Again, have you NEVER used ANY other search page?
Have you ever googled?

Imagine if Google made it almost impossible ta actually GO to the sites that show up in their searches.

Just give me a list of links as the search result.
Simple as that.

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I’ve used plenty of sites. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just a person trying to help here. I don’t work for Monday and am not affiliated in any way.

If you want a feature I’d suggest actually submitting a nice feature request rather than critizing the basic inteligence of every person you encounter. The search is quite useful actually. You can edit items from it.

Maybe instead of insulting suggest “It would be nice if we could have the ability to have a button that is a link directly to the item itself on the board, or if we could have a link with URL parameters that if we wanted to click on the board it would take me to the board with the same search input in the search bar already so I can see the items of the search”

I agree this feature would be nice :wink:


Aha, sorry about that.

I guess this is one of those symbolic “support forums” that some companies has where no one from the company ever go.
Mostly just for venting, and spreading theories on how to jiggle handles just right to get things kinda working.

Honestly, seems like to much of a dumpster fire to ever be fixed.
Just too many basic noob mistakes everywhere for a professional product.

Fortunately were looking into leaving it behind now.

Hey @mats.svensson - I am sorry to hear that you feel this way, and will certainly take your feedback on board. I do want to assure you that we as community team members certainly have our eyes on the community, and do all that we can to support and advocate for our users. Of-course there is always room for improvement and we do not take feedback lightly. Your comments are extremely important to us and the rest of our team at You’re welcome to directly message me if you’d like to chat in further detail about specific issues you have and I can certainly relay this with the relevant teams :pray:

Ok, so when you ask your team why you have a search page that clearly doesn’t work.
What is their explanation?

You literally only have to use it once, to notice what the problem is.

I have no opinion on this issue, only on the way you have presented it. If I were, I would hope you would leave. There is no excuse for your unprofessional behavior.


@mats.svensson , you need a vacation dude.

Over the course of the last year I have adopted for two different companies I own, one a start-up design company, another a successful real estate brokerage. Our adoption of Monday has been transformational for our business! It has saved us several hundreds of hours in just the first 6 months through process improvement. It has given our agents incredible new insights into their businesses. The ROI will be outstanding as we continue to apply it to from customer acquisition, through transaction management, human resources, to long term customer engagement. With limitless integration possibilities using, we frankly have more potential than we can take advantage of.

Yes, it is a work in progress, but that is a compliment and a testament to the ambitious and attentive development team and the truly dedicated support team that is quick to reply and provide ideas for workarounds to functionality that does not yet exist.

The most important consideration is that not everyone is equipped to think outside the box so to speak. is such an open platform that it can be overwhelming for some. It just may not be right for you, ever, and that is OK.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need some encouragement.

That’s exactly how you handle when user has found a bug, and has taken the time to describe it.

Tell them about the things that do work, and to leave if they don’t like those things.

Extremely helpful.

Hi everyone :wave:

I’d love to share an update on this particular feature. Our developers have worked hard to improve this experience and as such are releasing a fix by the end of this week. This improvement will see a full item card view when selecting an item from the search everything view, with updates and a link to the board:

We really hope this is a welcomed improvement, however as always, would appreciate your feedback :pray:

Any update in this?

Right now it looks like the popup contains some strange hybrid of the actual item, and the old version squashed together in the middle of the screen.

But i still see no way to get to the actual item you found.
Even the hidden link in the “add to conversation”-icon is gone now.

Hacking the URL by removing the search-part ?term=foobar seems to take you to the correct page.
But I see no way to go there in the UI.

Hi @mats.svensson! What you’re seeing is actually the updated and improved item card in the search everything section. Whilst there is no direct link to the item, you have the ability to see the full item card view with updates and link to the board directly from the search everything section.

You’re correct in that the link directs to the board and not the item itself however that is because all item-related data is displayed within the item-card view, as well as the updates section. That being said, I have shared your comments directly with our developer :+1:

But after I found the item, I need to be able to bookmark it.
The whole point of searching for the item …was to find the item, correct?

So whats the point of building completely separate view of the item, and showing me that instead of just taking me to the item on the correct URL?

You obviously already have code running that shows the item when you go the the URL for the item.
So why not just use that?
Why waste time building a separate more shitty version of something you already have?
And keep refining that until some day it works, by being identical to the thing you could have used the whole time?

Why does this need to be so hard?