Fix the Glitches!

Please, please fix all the glitches in the system.

Movement between fields is intermittent and difficult at best, but most of the time, it just doesn’t work! You hit enter, nothing happens! You hit tab, nothing happens OR it goes to the wrong place!
If you do a “search everything” (the only way currently search subitems), half the time it doesn’t load properly, forcing one to refresh the page/program and re-do the search. It’s either unresponsive (can see the list, but not click on and open anything or change statuses, etc) or when you CAN open up the conversation screen, you can’t see the name of the parent task, making it useless.

And PLEASE make it so that the search results can be sorted and/or filtered!! I currently have to scroll through a hundred or more items, to find the ones not marked off. There is absolutely NO logic to the order that the search results show up in.