Board metadata / attributes

Hello everyone,

Do you know where to put board metadata / attributes ?

For example in a board I can create multiple groups (in my case phases) and items (in my case tasks), but I don’t know where to put metadata or attribute that is concerning the board as a whole (project/board responsible, type of project, etc.)

Do you have any suggestions or solutions for that ?




Thank you for bringing this up.

This is such a big roadblock that we hit as well.

I think Monday’s suggestion will be to make another board that holds an item for each project board and that’s where you put the board attributes. And then connect those boards. And this works to some degree – especially if new items don’t get added to your boards often – where you have to go through and connect each new item and constantly manually keep them all in sync. And of course even with this, you aren’t seeing the info you want on the actual project board – you have to click over to the “metadata board” – so it’s not really a solution.

But in practice, it would be so amazing to have a way to put different types of information that have different column structures on the same board. This info could be coming from another board somewhere. In fact that might be ideal. So a group on a project board that is connected to another higher level board – and this group of course has different columns.

This is sort of possible in a table widget where you can bring together groups from multiple boards with different column layouts, but the table widget is so constrained by the restrictions of widgets to not be full screen and everything else.

So back to the often requested ideas of “can we just live view a group from another board with different columns on a project board” OR “can project boards unlock the column structure and allow different columns in each group”?

I know this basically explodes the universe and leads to chaos and Monday devs are going to be freaking out if they ever read this :slight_smile: , but still, it would eliminate a lot of chaos and empty columns that are polluting boards with visual clutter as people are forced to make the board’s columns cover every type of item the board needs to hold for a project.

Hoping this is something big picture Monday is aware of and they have a more elegant way to think about it and eventually something that would make this possible.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Hi @Bennett

I totally agree with you on what you said !

In fact I was testing the solution you mentioned : another board in which I create a row to act like my first project board metadata, but as you said it is not very scalable.

It could be nice at list maybe not to have a group with different column but a kind of summary window where I can put some fields and then query this fields in a dashboard or a master baord ?

Anyway I add my vote to your request !

Have a nice day,


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