Board Permissions also locking activity log

Hi everyone,

we recently restricted viewing permissions on some of our boards, so that freelancers we work together with are only able to view elements they are assigned to.

However, I noticed, that this change also prevents them from viewing the activity logs of elements, as well as everyone else who isn’t a board-owner.

Since we also have “regular” employees working with these boards, who are supposed to be able to look at the activity logs this is really inconvenient.
Is there a way to make the activity log available to people without making them board-owners?

Kind regards


Hey @FredW,

I hear where you’re coming from. At this stage, I am afraid as long as those permissions are set, there will always be a restriction on the item activity log. We have received feedback about this in the past, so I will be sure to add your comments. Thank you in advance for your understanding :pray:

Hi @BiancaT ,

thanks for the response.
Good to know this is somethng you are aware of, hopefully some more options for permission-settings will be implemented in the future.
It would be generally very useful to be able to customize board-permissions in more detail, not just regarding the activity log :slight_smile:

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