Board Updates Dashboard

I’ve found that the Board Updates (where there is the chat/update function at the very top of a board next to the name, info, and favorite star) is a perfect spot for me to store overarching notes, reminders, etc. that come in through channels like verbal, chat, e-mail, etc. but don’t belong to any one task. By putting them in board updates, I then do not need to hunt through task updates for info. I could put these notes anywhere, but I would rather keep them “in Board” rather than in a separate tool (ex. OneNote), or in a separate WorkDoc for each project.

I would like to create a Dashboard or Mirror, or Workdoc with a widget for these Board Updates so I can see them all on one page - to view and add-to/update to them throughout my week. Filtering the Board Updates dashboard widget would help, but a more full featured function would also enable these updates to form a method of reporting up to leadership.