Boards to manage Bankruptcy Process - Tasks for Paralegals (Attorneys & Law Firms)

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I would like to share with you all a board I use in my work as a bankruptcy paralegal. This is a simple board and makes it easy to keep bankruptcy paralegals on task through the bankruptcy regime.
This particular board is really simple and basically has the bankruptcy process and the tasks of the paralegal.
I am just getting into automation. Every time your client’s case progresses and you change the status, you can automate a quick update email to the client. Clients usually feel they received poor service when they don’t get a lot of updates. This is a BIG LIKE about for us.
The bankruptcy paralegal is in charge of keeping the board updated, but the attorneys and the front desk receptionist can use it to know where cases are at-a-glance.


@valentina Thank you so much for sharing!! This is a really great board, and I’m sure that the rest of your colleagues are very appreciative that they can give an update to a client with just a quick glance!

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I have a family law firm with about 60 active cases. I do different types of cases within family law, so I could have 5-15 active cases of any one type at any given time. The case types have different tasks throughout the life of the case. The case types are:
-divorce with kids
-divorce no kids

Any thoughts on how I would set this up? Would I make a separate board for each case type, and then add a group within each board with the case names? I have spent days trying to figure this out, but I can’t wrap my mind around it. I’m not understanding the difference between “boards”, “templates”, “workflows”, and “projects”.


@CAMajewski - Replied to you in the other thread, let’s chat - Book Polished Geek: more with and I’m sure we can help get you started!