Bookkeeping and accounting firm

My business is a bookkeeping and accounting firm. We do not do year end taxes and do not have a tax season. We process monthly and quarterly bookkeeping, payroll on many different schedules, monthly and quarterly sales tax, etc.

We have about 100 client that we process the above reoccurring services for. Its just the same thing month after month, quarter after quarter, etc.

The question is, for my business and the above scenario, what would the basis of a Board be? Would each client be a separate board with that clients services on the board, or would each service be a separate board with each client that has that service on each board?

Also is there a area in Monday that houses a list of clients and client info or would that just be a board as well?

Also any info that could be given on best practices on setting up this type of business on Monday would also be greatly appreciated.


Hi @thequickbooksguy

Neither is right or wrong exactly… it depends on how you manage your business and divide tasks among your staff. If someone has to click around through 100 boards to do their job, though, that would probably be less than ideal.

It also depends on whether you will be communicating with clients through the platform or if this will only be an internal, backoffice system.

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Meant to also address this - Yes, it is very common to make a CRM style list of clients / contacts as a board and use that as a lookup reference and/or linked column on other boards (Connect Boards column - Connect boards column (Previously Link to item column) – Support )