Working with clients, most create new workspaces or boards?

Trying to figure out the best set up for working on projects with clients. I’m thinking creating a Workspace for each client then set up boards within the workspace for managing current and future projects with them.

Is that what most people do?

Hmmm. I’m thinking that isn’t a good idea the more I think about it. Seems just a separate board for each client is the way to go.

Hey @Darrin I have had success with setting up a board per client. I haven’t seen a full need to have a different workspace for different clients.

There are also some good automations which can auto-create boards from a template. We use this to get client boards created once clients have been onboarded.

hope that helps


Hi @Darrin - I find it boils down to who needs to work on what, and how much clicking around they’ll need to do if things are separated out into multiple workspaces. You also need to consider whether you are going to have the clients on the boards as Guests.

Within our own business, we tend to create a dedicated Workspace for any client that has multiple projects (and thus multiple boards). Clients with a single project go into a single Workspace under their own folder.

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Thanks. Good advise here. Appreciate it.
I get hesitant to start a workflow and get deep into it, to only find out there was a better way. The suggestions really helped.

I’m going to dive in and start brainstorming and see what works. The great amount of flexibility that’s possible in Monday, it creates a huge ( Um, where do I start? ). But happy to have groups like this as well as the huge amount of webinars and tutorial videos that are produced.

Monday reminds me of what something would be if Airtable and Basecamp had a child. lol

Hello Darrin. In my case I have created a new workspace for new clients, partly because I know that their projects will require several boards each. But if you find another way, very happy to hear about it!

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