Structuring Workspace for client project management

Hello, I would like some advice on how to structure my workspace in Monday.
Indeed, we are a team of 5 people who work on projects for our clients. Thus, we currently have around fifteen clients with 35 projects in progress.

We have currently structured our workspace as follows:
• A board for general monitoring of all our projects: 1 groupe = 1 client / 1 card per project / Kanban view for monitoring projects in progress, blocked, new request…
• One file = 1 client
• One board = 1 project / attached in the client’s file.
There is currently no link between general project monitoring and each project board.

I don’t know if my description is very clear… I would like to have your opinions on this structuring and if you had any other recommendations.


Hey Bizeul,

Thank you for sharing this with us!

I think what might be helpful for you here is a low-level/high-level approach (which I believe is what you’re working towards) this would allow you to connect those project boards (low level boards) to your general project monitoring board through connected boards and mirror columns…

Can you let me know if this is along the lines of what you’re looking for?


Hi @Nolwenn.BZL

The current structure seems to be fine, but here are a few refinements that I can suggest based on your write up.

  • Create a connected board logic in your General Monitoring Board and connect all your project boards together
  • Then in the general monitoring board, create 1 item for each client, and connect some appropriate columns of their project boards within this board.
  • Create mirror columns to agregate some important information (number of tasks, task statuses, etc.)
  • once this board is setup, you can then create dashboard on top of your general monitoring board and populate some charts to give you a visual representation.

While this works great for small number of projects, there is a downside. On each package, Monday has a limit on the total number of boards one can connect with a specific board. Hence posing a problem when you scale as an organization until you upgrade your account to maximize the limit.

There is another way to achieve this through a third party tool called “Zapier”, but that means you’ll be adding additional cost in the mix but it is pretty neat.

In case you need any help setting it up let me know here and I’ll be happy to assist.

Business Workflow Consultant
Ready Logic

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Good morning,
Thank you for your reply. I clearly understood the connection system for low-level boards and high-level boards. This strongly resembles the organization that we have put in place with my team.
However, we currently have 35 projects in progress and we can only connect 5 boards on a connect board column or mirror column. Can you confirm that this is correct or tell me if I am using this column incorrectly?
I am thinking of using the hypertext column from the high level board in order to connect with each low level board.

Thank you for all these recommendations. :slight_smile:


Good morning,
Thank you for all of these recommendations!! :slight_smile:
Indeed, we are blocked by a limited number of cards.
We have not yet studied the possibility of using an additional tool since we are starting on Monday. I will keep your recommendation aside if we ever consider pushing our investments in the tool.

Thank you so much !


Hey @Nolwenn.BZL,

At this time, there is a 5 board limit for boards in the connect boards column in our Basic plan - are you currently on this plan? :pray:

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Hello Bianca,
Yes I am on the basic plan

Thanks for confirming! I’d be happy to share the board limits of our other plans, if you would consider upgrading in the future!

Basic: 5 total (and 5 boards per column)

Standard: 20 total (and 20 per column)

Pro: 100 total (and 20 boards per column)

Enterprise: 200 total (and 60 boards per column)