Increase number of connected boards column

Currently when using the connect boards column, the maximum selection is 15 boards. I’m using this on a high-level board to connect all of our low-level boards used for project tracking, and we have way more than 15 projects going. Would like to see this be increased so I am able to connect all of our boards.

hi @cserra

There is an alternative to high-level / low-level board called Rollup Multiple Boards. That app does not have restrictions on the number of low-level boards.

What plan level do you have?

I ask because the documentation doesn’t match - 15 isn’t listed as the limit of any of the plan types… so something is off someplace.

That said, if your low-level boards are being created by template and that template is tied to the high level board with a two-way connection at one point in time at least deploying the template would make the connections regardless of the limits. That said it got to be problematic because once you exceed the number allowed by your plan by more than one, it would have errors trying to remove boards because the remaining number was more than the limit and it would be an error.

I have the Pro plan, so I feel like there shouldn’t be any limitations, or if so then a higher restriction. The template is not part of the high level board to begin with, but happens is the I check the boxes for all of the low level boards, but once it hits 15, I get a message saying I have reached my limit, and it will randomly remove a board I already checked off to make the 16th one fit.

Weird because the documented limit for Pro plans is 20!

According to the documentation I linked to. Thats the only reason I asked, is your experience doesn’t align with the documenation. I’d reach out to monday support and ask them why your pro plan only allows 15 linked boards!

(not negating your request that the limits be increased)

For Enterprise plans, 60 is far too low for Enterprise companies. We constantly hit the limit and have to manually disconnect completed boards so that our automation doesn’t turn off. If we miss this, the automation turns off and people miss their projects.

Manually disconnecting boards isn’t viable when you have 5+ workspaces and 5+ teams working in Monday.

One of the main reasons we’re using Monday is for scalability, and this is a major blocker for scaling.

Our setup:

We use Monday’s high-level and low-level boards workflows.

The low level boards are connected to the high-level board. This workflow doesn’t align with the limitations set on # of boards.

I see 3 options here:

  • Ability to create an automation to disconnect completed boards.
  • Increase the number of connected boards.
  • Figure out a good alternative to the high-level and low-level system. This isn’t viable for existing clients though, because we already have everything built and all the teams trained.
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@BiancaT Any way we could get more attention to this?

We are running into the exact same issue. 60 connected boards is way too low.