Connected items limit on a board

We have just got a notification that our main board (which links to lots of other boards) has reached over 80% of the connected items limit. Is there anywhere you can see the exact detail on what is counting towards this. I would like to do some testing to see what impact changing some structuring or archiving the connected items has but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere you can see the exact number - and if I remove some and it drops below the 80% I don’t think I’ll be able to see where we are with it at all unless we then hit over 80%? Any help appreciated!


The same problem

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@BiancaT can you help, please?

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Hi @roistaylor and @roistaylor!

Thank you for bringing this to my attention - I’d be happy to elaborate on board and item connection limits. That said, this information is accessible via this link Linkage limitations > Item linkage limitations, so please feel free to have a read for a more detailed overview :pray:

Please see the information below regarding many boards are supported in a connect board column per plan:

That said, in terms of item limits, we have the following limits in place on any plan type:

  • 10,000 connected items per board
  • 750 connected items per cell

Every one item that you’ve linked on your board will be counted as one “link”. For example, in the Connect Boards Column below, we have the following links:

  • The first item “Project A” is linked to two different items
  • The second item “Project B” is linked to one item
  • The third item “Project C” is linked to two separate items

Because you’ve hit 80%, you have 8,000 items currently connected out of the 10,000 limit.

I hope this helps explain, however do let me know if you have follow-up questions!

Thanks for the info on limitations!

What seems to be missing is the ability to see the actual number of linked items per board.

It would be very valuable for optimization if there is a way to see the effect of different layouts in exact numbers. Testing is complicated since one percentage point equals 100 links, and on top of that, 8,000 links are required before we can even see the rounded link count.

Also, to be able to plan maintenance and splitting of boards ahead of time, we would also like to see the number of links before the warning that 80 percent has been reached.

I can’t find a way to get this information, is it available somewhere?

Best regards!


Same problem. Really fighting this limit and deleting basically everything we build. We have 8K clients, so we can not have more then 1 connected item for each item. This is ridiculous.


We are less than 1,000 clients and reaching the limit on several of our boards! Agree that this is ridiculous.

I guess Monday is only focused on supporting smaller organizations and has no intent to support larger companies. We are looking to move to another platform as Monday simply can’t support our growth and seems to be deaf to the true needs of its users. Instead of improving core performance and basics like automations, Monday developers are too focused on launching new features that nobody wants.

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Can you please explain the limits that come with a nonprofit account?

We have a nonprofit account with Sales CRM added. Thanks!

Hey @ryanDAR,

Are you interested in general limits for the Non profit plan or limits specific to the connected items? This would depend if you’re on the Enterprise Non-Profit plan has (Nonprofits | - please let me know and I can share the relevant information!

Does anyone know how to see how many connected boards there are in our enterprise account and which boards are connected to them and vice versa?