Multi-Level Board to show Multiple Projects on one Gantt


I have a number of boards with a similar structure - each of these boards is grouped into 3 ‘groups’:
1- Set Up (with various tasks and sub tasks under this)
2- Survey Duration (with various tasks and sub tasks under this)
3- Reporting (with various tasks and sub tasks under this)
We have the same general process for all of our clients, and each board represents each client (e.g. Board 1 = Apple, Board 2 = Coca Cola)

I would like to connect these boards together using a high-level board, to be able to show a high level gantt view of all of our current and future projects by board, and then by group- so it would show:
1- Apple
— 1- Set Up
— 2- Survey Duration
— 3- Reporting
2- Coca Cola
— 1- Set Up
— 2- Survey Duration
— 3- Reporting
(next client, etc)

The issue is when setting up the high-level board

I have two issues:
1- Setting up the High-Level board and Connected boards to pull all of the information across when being connected to multiple boards.
2- Displaying the gantt view in the way we would like. I have managed to get a similar view by using a dashboard, but we may have lots of projects going on at once, and there is a limit on the connected boards on the dashboard.

Is anyone able to help please?

Hi Emma,

This is a common requirement. It’s possible to mirror all the data into a single board, however I would suggest a different approach.

Try turning the problem on it’s head: use a single board to store all the data.

This will make everything a lot easier to manage. Rather than mirroring everything together, which is super complex and high maintenance (as well as leading you in the direction of hitting’s “limitations”), you can use dashboards and views to filter the data you need.

At the cost of one extra “client” column, you can achieve all of this really easily and reduce your maintenance overhead instantly.

Try using dashboards with docked table views and dashboard level filters for each client. These function in a very similar way to regular boards, without requiring duplicating or mirroring data.

And naturally creating charts and dashboards across clients will become trivial. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like some help with this approach.

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hi @EmmaWilcox

Welcome to this community! I agree with @FrancisElliott here that changing the board structure and put everything in one board makes live easier. That said: it is not always doable / desirable to put all your project into one board. That, and to avoid the 20 board limit for dashboard, triggered us to develop the Rollup Multiple Boards app (see and a full video at RMB and RSI video.mp4 on Vimeo). From what I understand from your use case you can keep your current board structure and still achieve what you want.

The app basically rolls up (aggregates) values from a board into a line item in a master board. You can have as many detail (project) board as you want. To have multiple lines in your master board for different groups in the same detail board you can set filtering per group.

Happy to walk you through this.

I had the same problem and I solved in the following way: I created a new dashboard and if you see on top you can select the boards from where to pull data. In my project I have two boards only and therefore I added both. Then, I added a Gantt widget thus obtaining a Gantt diagram with items from both the boards.