High level boards from multiple low level boards for sales projections

Hi all,

I was hoping someone could advise me, or point me to documentation on how to solve the following problem:

  • We have three sales teams, UK and USA, SA
  • Each team have their own board for sales forecasts, which include sales revenue, sales target, income and expenses
  • These are individual boards as they are different teams
  • We’d like to roll this info up into a higher-level board, allowing management to see totals for each alongside each other, and create graphs to display progress

I can’t see to get this high-level board as you can’t roll up data from three different boards. You can have different columns, but I can’t think of a clean way to display this.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Jason_FuzzyLogic,

The simplest way to collect information from different boards would be to use a dashboard and connect it to the tree boards. This works very well up to 10 boards in Pro that is the maximum number of boards that you can connect.
If you had more than 10 boards, or you needed it, you can also use the automation “When status changes to something and another status is something else, create an item in another board and link them using a link to item in the selected board” . With this automation you can create a master board and gather information from many boards with the same layout.
It’s easier to see it in action that to explain it, you can send me a PM and I will show you how it would work.